CSShorse makes it easy to customize your WriteFreely or hosted Write.as blog and see your changes in real-time. Load your blog, customize it, then paste your changes into your blog's Custom CSS section.

CSShorse is based on HTMLhouse, by the Write.as team.


Navigate to the home page and enter your blog URL, whether it's on Write.as, your own domain, or a shared WriteFreely instance. Then press Go.

You should see your blog load in the right-side pane. On the left, you'll find custom CSS from the blog, if any. Start editing the CSS there, and you'll notice the changes immediately in the right-side pane.

When you're finished, copy the entire contents of the left-side pane and paste them into the Custom CSS section on your blog's Customize page in WriteFreely. Then save the changes there. If you want to continue making changes, refresh the CSShorse page to see your latest theme.

NOTE: this editor does not automatically save your work!


CSShorse (aka HTMLhouse) is open source software, written in Go. View source on GitHub.

Hosted by Digital Ocean.


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Privacy Policy

On CSShorse we don't know who you are, nor do we make any effort to. You couldn't give us your personal information even if you wanted to! Build cool stuff and enjoy.